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Versão em inglês do Doc. "POR UM MUNDO NOVO, UMA HUMANIDADE SUSTENTÁVEL", com a apresentação para quem o quiser enviar a estrangeiros que não falem português. «Dear Sir/Madam I suggest that you read this document, which is intended to be released all over the world, in an attempt to draw the attention of men to the radical changes that are necessary to be implemented, to make humanity be sustainable. Do you agree? - If not, you can add information or change the text, (bearing in mind that it is of utmost importance that you do not distort the master ideas defended on it), and spread it among the most influenced people in your country, calling their attention to the project, especially economists, and the Universities of economics, with its students and teachers. If you know some, send them this text, asking them to also distribute it to their most influenced relations. That will be your contribution to make the world become a better one, world where, one day, you had the privilege of coming to life... Only by changing attitudes and mentalities, overall, it can achieve these objectives, putting finally, economics and finance at the service of society. Cordial greetings! FOR A BETTER WORLD, A SUSTAINABLE HUMANITY! (Document attached) Movement at a global level: "FOR A NEW WORLD, FOR A SUSTAINABLE HUMANITY" I - Considering that: The WORLD led by men, reversed the fundamental values that should guide society: 1.1 - The financial system, the economy and politics using society and not being at the service of society. 1.2 – The greeding cult, cult of money, of usury and of productivity, resulting into exploitation of the human being. 1.3 - The economy based on the growth of the countries GDP, up to the infinite (impossible, of course!) and exhaustion of natural resources. 1.4 – Monetary interests, of profitability and other kinds of earnings above any others, either social, or environmental. 1.5 – Religions that chain the minds to ignorance, fear and injustice, increasing races and genre differences. Conclusions: 1 - Announced utopia and fallacy of the economic and financial systems: the GDP of a country cannot grow indefinitely, to 3%/year - a figure regarded by economists to grant full employment. 2 - Expected collapse of the currently rich economies, with the awakening of emerging countries. When these countries invade the world with their products - much cheaper and of equal quality of those of the Germans, Americans, and Japanese - what will these economies do? How will their people react? Which will be the sustainability in resources and environment? Result: worsening of recession, unemployment, hunger, wars, leading to more deaths, more irreversible attacks to the environment, making life on Earth unsustainable. II – Therefore, not expecting that men will be able to change this situation that inevitably leads to the ruin of Mankind, and despite of the BLOCKADE of the GLOBAL FORCES: 1 – The economic and financial groups that hold the power and do not want to lose it, collusive with the political and judicial power: only the exploitation assures such maintenance; 2 – Religions still ruling the world, with fundamentalists promoting terrorism and not peace; 3 - Despotic governments in many countries, politically or religiously; 4 - Democracy that in several countries, is nothing but a farce of people’s power, because their governors are totally subordinated to the installed economic, financial and legal systems interests; 5 - Reality of human nature that is, or preferably has a tendency to greed, selfishness, envy, intolerance, corruption, nepotism; 6 - The difficult globalization needed to implement revolutionary measures, due to the illiteracy of a great number of population on Earth ..., It is proposed: A WORLD led by women (a new world, the possible paradise on Earth for all humans), as follows: 1-Women to lead at a global level: "One swallow does not make a Spring ..." 2 - INTELLIGENT, WISE Women (WITH LIFE EXPERIENCE), DYNAMIC, HONEST. Slogan: Think like the brains of men, acting with the woman's heart. 3 - Improvement and optimization of the structures of the three classical powers: legislative (laws written in terms understandable to ordinary people), executive (with tough measures for the non-compliant and the corrupt) and judicial (acting swiftly in condemning criminals, with only one possibility to appeal, except in cases of a maximum penalty conviction). 4- Urgent measures: a) - Control of the world population: no more birth while there is no assured livelihood and in a sustainable way for children (25,000 deaths a day!). 7 billion, we are already too many! Infesting species, troglodyte of everything that is edible! Therefore, sex education and condom distribution, globally. b) – Radical amendment in economic, financial and political systems: putting finance, economy and politics to the service of society, families and people. c) – Putting an end to the Stock Market, or radically altering its current philosophy of obtaining capital added-values, also to the private banks and their speculative funds, also to the rating agencies, the offshore, etc. - everything that works with usury: money generating money and not of direct benefit to the stabilization of societies, including the creation of employment for everybody. All replaced by a financial system, based on national central banks, not aiming the profit. d) – Economy based on resource and environmental sustainability, with companies having a social function of employing people and not just based on the triangulation: production, sales, profit, thus promoting in each country, full employment, being emigration controlled and traded to a global level. e) - Thinking of a society that does aggregate families, not disaggregating them: flexible working hours, etc. f) - Ending or dramatically reduce the weapons industry: creators, manufacturers, users, automatically reducing the armies in the countries: conflicts are resolved through dialogue, not war (say otherwise is pure demagogy!), through the solidarity among people, the education, the appeal to the universal brotherhood . g) – Creating a system of Justice with civil and criminal codes of simple rules understandable by ordinary citizens, and that can really work, with defense and prosecution lawyers who will be only concerned with doing justice. Severe punishments for the offenders and those accused of corruption. h) - Real Democracy, but muscular: freedom will be necessarily constrained. (In a society, there cannot be TOTAL FREEDOM!) A democracy with new paradigms for automatic switching of power, where the opposition would always be constructive, being elected the best of each country, in order to serve others and not serve themselves. i) - A new economy, with a heavily regulated capitalism, not allowing outrageous accumulation of wealth (Plafond set at the global level: making sure the exceeding would be put at the service of the community, the employers and the productive companies of the country! For control, full access to bank accounts by the judicial system). j) - A new social order, with this aim: in each country, to develop a just and fraternal society, without great differences, each one receiving according to their skills, with continuous assessment to performance; universal brotherhood in the worl. k) - Proposal of a new non-fundamentalist religion - obviously with total freedom to join! - but susceptible to be accepted by believers and nonbelievers, just because it would be based on Science and Knowledge, all governments being laical. III - Modus operandi for the success of this Movement: 1 - The octopus strategy: tentacle arms in all countries of the world, moving from the most learned and evolved to the others. 2 - Bet on University of Economics, who will prepare detailed plans for the transition from the current economic and financial models to the above proposed ones. History will be on those universities that propose the best solutions to achieve these objectives. A WORLD led by women: Utopia? – Until Man wants! (Based on the book “Um Mundo Liderado por Mulheres” ("A World Led by Women") Esfera do Caos Ed., Francisco Domingues - – View net)»

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